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Pro Ana vs. Thinspo – What’s the Difference?

Pro Ana vs. Thinspo – What’s the Difference?  Pro-ana and thinspo communities have taken the Internet by storm. A growing number of sites offer support to girls and women looking to stay fit and lose weight. Despite the popular belief that thinspo and pro ana is basically the same thing, there’s a...

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The real beauty lies within

Thinspiration should do the trick. Use it wise! Most people believe that cutting off food is the best way to build a fit body. Starving yourself doesn’t make you live longer. Well, why choose to have a body that looks good on the outside but feels bad on the inside? Healthy and...

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Sticky: Thinspiration Diet Tips

Thinspiration Diets Many people go about their thinspiration diet the wrong way. After seeing all the pictures of beautiful people, they decide to go all-in and try to transform their body in record time. They make too many sacrifices too fast and as a result burn out halfway through their journey, so...