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Best Winter Weight Loss Techniques

Best Winter Weight Loss Techniques Gaining weight in winter is very common as there is higher level of inactivity combined with the food. Winter is a season in which people tend to gain an extra few pounds of weight due to the lower level of activity as in summers. The terms that used...

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Thinspiration One Day Fasting

Fasting is a method used by numerous Thinspo girls that want to lose weight in a short period of time.  This video will show you a step by step method to do a One Day Fasting. This can be very important for your weight loss journey and you should definitively learn something...

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Pro Ana Fasting for becoming a skinny!

How to become a skinny girl with Pro Ana Fasting Many pro ana girls are fasting to lose weight and break food addictions. Fasting is a great way to clean your body and get rid of excess fat. It can help you lose as much as four pounds per day! Whether you...